Events Calendar

March 19th, 2023, Sunday 2pm
Sacred Heart Church
Penance Service
Pittsfield, Ma

March 30, 2023 7pm
Shrine of Divine Mercy
Healing Mass
Stockbridge Ma

May 14, 2023
St. Agnes Church
Dalton, Ma
Mother’s Day

June 25, 2023
St. Charles Church
89 Briggs Ave
Pittsfield, MA
Church Picnic

October 15th, 2023, Sunday 3pm
St. Thomas Church
47 Pine Street
Westfield, MA

December 3, 2023, Sunday 1pm
Sacred Heart Church
196 Elm Street
Pittsfield, MA

Previous Events
February 23, 2023 7pm
Shrine of Divine Mercy
W. Stockbridge, MA
Healing Mass and Laying on of Hands
All Praise & Worship Music-Join us!

December 4, 2022 Sunday 1pm – Christmas
Sacred Heart Church
191 Elm Street
Pittsfield, MA
Ben Kohn, Eileen Markland, Charlie Tokarz, George Skidd, Alan Pugielli featuring a few special guests!

November 18, 2022
Friday 7pm
St. Mary’s Parish
519 Longmeadow St
Longmeadow, MA

October 14, 2022
Friday 7pm
Ste. Rosa De Lima Church
600 Grattan St
Chicopee, MA
fLIGHT Concert

Sept 18, 2022
St. Thomas the Apostle Church
Sunday 3pm
47 Pine Street
West Springfield, MA

August 21,2022
1 PM
Saint Mary’s
Lee, MA
Picnic / Public Welcome.

March 18, 2022
5:30pm Private
St. Agnes Church Confirmation Retreat
Flight Band

May 1, 2022
2pm Private
Sacred Heart Church Confirmation Retreat
Flight Band

May 8, 2022
3pm -free to Public
75 minute Concert
St. Agnes Church
Dalton, MA
Mother’s Day LOVE Concert
Flight Band

July 14, 2022
Camp Holy Cross
Mass w Bishop Byrne & Campers!
Goshen, MA

July 16/17, 2022
Saturday 4pm, 5:30pm
Sunday 8, 9:30, 11am
Saint Mary’s Church
Longmeadow, MA
Masses and music in between